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Primary education

Discover entrepreneurship and start your own business for a day.

Secondary education

Develop your own business and discover entrepreneurship.

” Discovering entrepreneurship together with your class in a visual way. “

— Why we use sketchnoting

The world is changing at a furious pace and as a school you want to prepare your students as well as possible for the future. A major change that is taking place is the transition from hard skills to soft skills. Creativity, problem solving and cooperation have never been more important. 

By using sketchnoting, teachers and students work on the skills of the future. While they are also working on these skills in a practical way through entrepreneurship. An ultimate combination!

— The outcome of the workshops

An entrepreneurial day

During the entrepreneurial workshops, students learn about entrepreneurship. They do this by means of sketchnoting, 21st century skills and the core objectives of education.

Knowledge of sketchnoting

At the end of our workshop, you and your class or colleagues will look back on an interactive day in which you got to work on implementing sketchnoting in your school.

Fun and educational day(s)

It is important to us that it is not only an educational but also a fun experience. Learning is something you do together and this is also our focus. Mistakes do not exist and therefore we strive for a fun and creative day for each participant.

— Our workshops are also available online and in Dutch

Available online

Our workshops are also available online. We will then provide an interactive session, via Zoom, using breakout rooms.


Preference for Dutch?

Do you want to train your students in Dutch or do you have an international group? All our workshops are available in English or Dutch.

Curious about the possibilities? Then feel free to plan an introductory meeting without any obligations!

— Who is on the other side of the screen?

A screen can sometimes be so impersonal, which is why we would like to introduce you to us, and why we think introducing entrepreneurship and sketchnoting is so important.

We started because we ourselves experienced many problems with the large amount of text that still has to be read and written within education.

We soon discovered that it could be done differently: visually. By being proactive with the theory and creating an overview, we noticed that it was much easier to remember it. 

We want to create the possibility for everyone to work in a way that suits them. This way, everyone can embrace their own unique personality and work more efficiently.

Julian Oude Maatman
[email protected]



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