— Our story

A screen can sometimes be so impersonal, which is why we would like to introduce ourselves. We are Anouk Kreutzer and Julian Oude Maatman, two young people with a fresh view on education.

We started Discover Visually because we experienced a lot of problems in education. It was often about large amounts of theory and there was little connection with practice. In addition, this was brought in a very textual way. Finding the essence in this large amount of theory took a lot of time and gave no satisfaction at all. 

This can be done differently! From this perspective, we started to develop workshops and projects in which the core objectives of the government are combined with the 21st century skills, entrepreneurship and sketchnoting. In this way, we want to inspire pupils and teachers to further develop their talents and put theory into practice. Within all our workshops and projects, sketchnoting is central. This way, the essence remains in the story, the theory becomes clear and it is also fun to do! 

— What we stand for

We believe that everyone is intrinsically motivated and can learn in a fun and easy way when they are inspired to be themselves and develop their own talents.

We would like to inspire them by using the power of combination with: the core objectives, 21st century skills, entrepreneurship and sketchnoting. And to let them experience that learning is not only theory.

To achieve this, we have developed various workshops and projects for your school! This way, students and teachers can develop their talents during an interactive day(s).

— Our workshops & projects

We have developed projects that combine entrepreneurship with the core objectives, the 21st century skills and the sketchnoting.

For primary education, this is the Young Entrepreneurs project where they start a company with the class, actually run it and where all proceeds go to charity.

For secondary education, we have the One Day of Business and the Entrepreneur Project where the students work out their own business idea in groups and pitch it. This is the perfect way to put theory into practice and combine various core objectives.

All our projects are also worked out in a visual manner. We believe that there is enough text for in-depth topics, but simple information should be easy to grasp.

Do you want to discover more about sketchnoting in education? We also have workshops for teachers and students on how to apply sketchnoting in school.

— Central in Discover Visually


There is an entrepreneur in everyone! Who knows, maybe they will start their own hair salon, a construction company or become a self-employed consultant in the future. Through our projects, they discover early on what is involved in entrepreneurship and how they can use their unique strengths.


Besides learning, performing and solving the case, it is of course very important that everyone has a good time. Conviviality is so important that we work in an informal atmosphere where no question is too crazy and feedback is used to learn from each other. After all, we are all working towards the same goal.


You don’t do it alone! Together with your team or fellow students you will work during our workshops. During these workshops, we use techniques that promote cooperation. So that the best results can be delivered and we work together towards a better future.

Encouraging unique outcomes

Our workshops are designed to expand the creativity, problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills of students and teachers. By combining entrepreneurship and sketchnoting, we see unique outcomes of business ideas and new ways of working.



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