Innovation track for education

As a school, you are working on the future of your students. Not only do you teach them the necessary subjects, but you also teach them skills that they will use for their further education or job later on. Offering the best possible education is the goal.

But the world is changing at a rapid pace, demanding a lot from students, teachers, and parents in terms of education and development. Are we preparing our students for the future?

During this innovation track, we will look at this question. We will do this in the visual way that we are known for. This does not mean that this is where the limit lies. Together, we will look at all aspects within your school and how they can be innovated.

— Central within our innovation tracks

Practical application is the central theme of our sessions. Not only do you see that you don’t need to have magical drawing skills, but you also shift the way you think to come up with new creative solutions.

Using the education design loop, we take an interactive look at the problems, causes and consequences, and solutions of various aspects within the school.

The focus is mainly on the future, and the following questions come to mind: How do we best prepare students? How can we best help teachers in flexible teaching? What is the role of the parent? Which questions will really be dealt with is up to the school and what they are up against.

— Visuals is a good addition within Education because:

Everyone learns differently

Everyone is unique and this sometimes makes it difficult to develop a perfect method. By providing the opportunity to discover the perfect balance between visual and verbal communication, we see that students and teachers perform better and get more pleasure from their work.

Skills of the future

Technology is becoming more and more part of our lives. Therefore, it is important to focus on the skills of the future. With our innovation track, we focus on creativity, problem-solving, and cooperation.

Education design loop

Based on the education design loop, we start working during the innovation process. From the current situation via the strengths to the building blocks that are formed as the foundation of the innovation within the school. This is, of course, worked out visually for the best overview!

— Our innovation tracks 

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Due to COVID-19, our workshops are now also available online. Please contact us for the possibilities!

— How we are going to achieve this

Because a case is made especially for you, we can deliver the best results. During the session(s) we will work together on innovation within your school.

With interactive sessions, we will look at the current situation, strengths, goals, and solutions for your school. Because these sessions are interactive, inspiring, and fun, we are convinced that this will help you to continue innovating.






Problem solving


Fun time




Purpose driven




Of course visually

— The timeline towards the innovation track

It all starts with a free, no-obligation meeting (online via Zoom) in which we meet and discuss what we can do for your school and what your wishes are. It is always possible to have workshops tailored to your needs, for this we can send you an offer without engagement.

When you decide to schedule this interactive and above all fun programme, we start preparing the sessions and tailoring them to your wishes. We will do this on the basis of a tailor-made case. In the meantime, we will keep updated about this.

On the agreed day(s) the session(s) will take place where we will work with you to discover and describe your innovation in a visual way. At the end of the sessions, you will have concrete plans and ideas on how to integrate this into your school.

To deliver the full 100%, we have follow-up innovation tracks to support you in the innovation within your school. Furthermore, we are always available for questions and feedback.

— Frequently asked questions

Where does this track takes place?

If possible, the sessions will take place at your location, bearing in mind the current covid-19 measures at all times. This is the best way for us to work together and understand each other.

If offline is no possibility, we will provide an interactive online session where we will work with several smaller groups.

Can the duration be adjusted?

Yes, this is possible! However, for the effectiveness of the sessions, we recommend using the number of hours mentioned above.

— Contact us

For all other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. It is also possible to schedule an appointment. During this online appointment, we can also answer all your questions. This is also completely free of charge and without obligation.

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