Workshop sketchnoting for educators

Are you curious how you as a teacher or lecturer can apply sketchnoting within your lessons? During our workshops, you will receive useful tips and tricks to visualise information and how you can apply this within the lessons or during projects of the students.

This way, you create the possibility to keep an overview and to be able to combine information. In addition, the students retain their creativity while they are busy processing relevant material, so learning becomes fun too!

— Central within our workshops

The practical focus is a central point during our workshops. Not only will you see that you don’t need to have magic drawing skills, but you will also better understand what we are trying to teach you.

Of course, we also explain the theory, because without the theory it is difficult to start. This will be done in an interactive way where you, as a teacher, get the chance to ask all the questions they have, but also to look for solutions together with your colleagues.

These workshops are designed to work together on an alternative communication model for text. In this way, you can help students discover what they like about the way they take in information and create a good, clear overview. This also gives them the opportunity to choose creativity.

— What you will learn during our workshops

— Start Visually

Why Visual?

Basic shapes


Faces and emotions



— Visual Day

All of the above topics are also covered here. This also applies to “Do More Visually”.


Sketching while teaching

Applying and practicing

— Visuals is a good addition within Education because:

Everyone learns differently

For learners, visual communication can simplify the process of processing and conveying information. Everyone learns differently. Therefore, we want to give students the opportunity to use a method that suits them. This skill can help them process information further in the future. We want to make sure that the uniqueness in every student is embraced!

Dual Coding

Students sometimes find it difficult to express themselves in text. Sketchnoting is a method that can bring a lot of overview and suddenly clarity. By applying the theory of Dual Coding, several parts of the brain are activated. This results in faster processing of the lesson material and the material is better remembered.

Being interactive

By applying visual thinking in teaching, the students are practically engaged with the subject and the information. In this way, they are not easily distracted and learn the subject while discussing and drawing with their peers. By thinking and doing, we prepare them for the future in a fun entrepreneurial way.

— Our workshops for educators

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Now also available online!

Because of COVID-19 our workshops are now also available online.
Please contact us for the possibilities!


Preference for Dutch?

No problem, we are fluent in English and Dutch and ensure that all materials and courses are available in the preferred language. An ultimate opportunity for students.

— How we are going to achieve this

We find it important that our workshops fit the needs of you as a school. Therefore, we prepare a tailor-made case study for the longer session(s) in order to be able to guide your team of teachers on the way to finding your communication.

Furthermore, we find it important that it is interactive and a fun experience. During the workshops we actively work with the material, how you can apply this within your teaching, exercises and learning from each other.

Whatever your goal is, it promises to be a fun and educational day!



Our workshops focus on learning with and from each other. Everyone is unique and we want to embrace that! It is through working together that everyone can excel at what they are good at.



By approaching certain material visually, teachers and students can work more effectively. It gives a better overall view and thus the material can be absorbed more easily.


Problem solving

With the tailor-made case study, we specifically address a problem you are experiencing in order to work it out in a visual way and come up with possible solutions.


Find your balance

Finding the balance between verbal and visual is very important to discover. This gives everyone the opportunity to learn and communicate in the way that suits them.

— The timeline towards the workshops

It all starts with a free, no-obligation meeting (online via Zoom) in which we meet and discuss what we can do for your school and what your wishes are. It is always possible to have workshops tailored to your needs, for this we can send you an offer without engagement.

When you decide to schedule this fun workshop, we will get to work preparing and tailoring the workshop to your needs. From the Visual Day workshop onwards we will also start working on the tailor-made case during this time. We will keep in touch about this in the meantime.

The moment has come! On the agreed day the workshop will take place where we will work with the theory and practice needed to master this skill. It is of course guaranteed that this will be a very enjoyable day. At the end of the workshops, you as teachers will know how to apply visual thinking in your teaching. Furthermore, you will know how to go on a journey to find your own balance between visual and textual.

In order to deliver the full 100%, you can always contact us for questions and advice. In addition, we also offer a coaching programme where we give extra guidance in applying visual communication within the lessons.

— Frequently asked questions

Where does this workshop takes place?

If possible, the sessions will take place at your location, bearing in mind the current covid-19 measures at all times. This is the best way for us to work together and understand each other.

If offline is no possibility, we will provide an interactive online session where we will work with several smaller groups.

Can the duration be adjusted?

Yes, this is possible! However, for the effectiveness of the sessions, we recommend using the number of hours mentioned above.

— Contact us

For all other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. It is also possible to schedule an appointment. During this online appointment, we can also answer all your questions. This is also completely free of charge and without obligation.

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[email protected]

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