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We have developed a project especially for groups 7 and 8 (11/12th grade), in which the group sets up a company for one day. Thinking out all possible scenarios is done in a visual and orderly way. The best part is that the company will actually run for a day! All earnings go to the charity Little Lions Cape Town.

During this project the students can let their creativity go. By coming up with new ideas, working together with classmates and all that while learning to deal with various elements of entrepreneurship. A unique experience!

— What are we going to do?

During this day, we will work on the first steps of entrepreneurship. We have developed a very cool project especially for groups 7 and 8 (11/12th grade), in which, for 25 euros, they will visually work on a business idea that will actually be carried out one day. Think of opening a lunchroom, giving fitness classes in the schoolyard or a theatre performance.

From brainstorming to the actual company, passing by issues of personnel, finance, purchasing, marketing and many more business aspects, they arrive at the ultimate company in a visual manner. To give a little back to the world, all the money earned on that day is donated to the Little Lions Foundation.

— The objectives

With this project, the students are not only engaged in entrepreneurship but also in visual communication, the sustainable development goals, skills of the future and various core educational goals.

The perfect opportunity to put students’ learning into practice and to offer them a new experience.



In figuring out finances, students learn to do maths in an applied way.


Orientation towards yourself and the world

In addition to setting up the business, they also look at various issues in the world.



Both oral and written skills are covered in this project.


21st-century skills

Creativity, problem solving, cooperation and much more.

— Program of the day

The whole programme will be worked out in a visual way.

* Times can be adapted to the teaching hours you are using.


Start of the day

During an active stand-up we will discuss the day and get to know each other. We will also introduce you to the charity.


Visual communication

The students learn the basics of visual communication while doing creativity exercises and idea generation. In doing so, they also decide on the idea they are going to implement.




Target group

Who is the ideal customer for their business idea? Who are you going to sell it to? Think for example of neighbours or parents.



Time to dive into the numbers. What costs must be incurred to run the business, and how much revenue do you think you will make?




Planning and organising

In this session, the students get to work on all the preparatory work for their business. Think about what purchases need to be made, promotional material, daily planning and who will do what. Of course, they are not going to do this all by themselves, but we divide them up into groups and help them work things out.


Present your idea

The students can be proud of their work on the business idea. This is the right moment to show the teacher(s) the drawn presentation.


End of the day!

All the plans for the business are ready and everything is arranged – apart from running the business, of course!


Preference for Dutch?

No problem, we are fluent in English and Dutch and ensure that all materials and courses are available in the preferred language. An ultimate opportunity for students.

— The power of combination

Core objectives (Dutch education system)

During this day, we will of course also be working on some of the core objectives. Below you can see which ones they are.

Dutch (if given in Dutch)

  1. The students learn to acquire information from spoken language. They also learn to present this information in a structured manner, orally or in writing.
  2. The students learn to express themselves in form and content when giving and requesting information, reporting, explaining, instructing and discussing.
  3. The students learn to assess information in discussions and in a conversation of an informative or opinionated nature and learn to respond with arguments.

English (if given in English)

  1. The students learn to acquire information from simple spoken and written English texts.
  2. The students learn to ask or give information in English on simple subjects and they develop an attitude where they dare to express themselves in that language.

Arithmetical / Mathematics

  1. The students learn to solve practical and formal arithmetical problems and to present reasoning clearly.
  2. The students learn to substantiate approaches to solving arithmetical problems and learn to assess solutions.
  3. The students learn to understand the structure and coherence of numbers, whole numbers, decimal numbers, fractions, percents and ratios in general terms, and to use these in practical situations.
  4. The pupils learn to memorise the basic operations with whole numbers, at least up to 100, quickly, whereby addition and subtraction up to 20 and the overhead tables are known.
  5. The pupils learn to measure and learn to calculate with units and measures, such as time, money, length, perimeter, surface area, volume, weight, speed and temperature.

Orientation towards yourself and the world

  1. The students learn to take care of the physical and mental health of themselves and others.



There is an entrepreneur in everyone!

If you look around you, everyone knows several entrepreneurs, from a small hobbyist, to a gym owner, to an own law firm. These people all have passion for their profession and want to share this with the world.

There is also an entrepreneur in your students. Who knows, maybe they will start their own hairdressing salon, a construction company or become an independent consultant in the future. Through this project, they discover at an early age what is involved in entrepreneurship and how they can use their unique strengths.

21st-century skills

We see the world around us changing rapidly. It is therefore very important to keep developing the skills of the future.

With our project, we focus on the following skills:
– Creativity
– Problem solving ability
– Collaborative work
– Digital skills

Visual communication

Visual Communication is what we stand for. By looking, learning and communicating in a different way, pupils discover a way that suits them. In addition, visual stimulates a large part of the 21st century skills.

There will always be a combination with verbal communication, but by offering visual as an option, students can work to find a balance that suits them best.

— Sustainable development goals

— The charity: Little Lions Child Coaching

Many children in the townships of Cape Town grow up in very harsh conditions and face the consequences of poverty, violence in the community and malnutrition. Children often do not have the means to reach their full potential.

At Little Lions we see a desperate need to focus on mental strength, building self-confidence and raising awareness of mental health.

Their aim is to ensure that children have access to free workshops to work on their emotional development, self-confidence and resilience. All in an accessible, safe and fun way.

— The investment

* Above prices are exclusive of 21% VAT

— Frequently asked questions

What is the location of the workshops?

The workshops will take place at your location if possible, always bearing in mind the current corona measures. This is the best way for us to work together and understand each other.

Whenever possible, we will provide an interactive online session where we will work with several smaller groups.

Can the duration be adjusted to any teaching hours?

Yes, this is possible! We take into account the teaching hours.

— Contact us!

For all other questions, please contact us. It is also possible to schedule an appointment. During this online video appointment we will answer all your questions and get acquainted. This is completely free and without obligation.

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